3 Star Attacking Guide for BoWitch

3 Star Attacking Guide for BoWitch

Bowlers are nonetheless ruling the TH10+ world in Clash of Clans and although this attacking technique with Witches and Bowlers is nothing new in the present day, I wished to transform it to adapt all of the current balancing modifications and make it updated for you.

In truth, that is most likely essentially the most highly effective Clan War 3-Star technique that you need to use in opposition to all form of bases.

How BoWitch (also called B*Witched) Works

You will construct a funnel with a brief Queen Walk and a few Bowlers after which get all of your troops into the within of the bottom. If you accomplish that, you’ve a secure 2 Star with an excellent quantity of share, even in opposition to maxed Town Hall 11 bases. If you handle to maintain your Queen alive and have some good timing on spells and Grand Warden means you can even get the 3-Star victory with this technique.

Which Town Hall Levels does BoWitch work?

Town Hall 10 & Town Hall 11

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Clan War (Primary) & Trophy Pushing

Pros of BoWitch:

+ Easy (form of mass) technique

+ Safe 2 Star, when you understand how to construct a funnel, with 3 Stars doable

Cons of BoWitch:

– Requires far upgraded troops & Heroes

– Extremely costly in Dark Elixir

Troop Composition for BoWitch

There’s one adaption you have to to make, relying of the bottom your’re attacking.

But that is solely for your CC troops, relying if you happen to assault right into a Single or Multi-Target Inferno Tower (extra on that later beneath)

Your military setup is:

  • 5 Healer
  • 5 Witches
  • 16 Bowler
  • four Wall Breakers
  • 2 Wizards
  • Golem + 1 Giant (Multi-Target Inferno) or 7 Giants (Single-Target Inferno) in your CC
  • four Rage Spells (+1 in your CC)
  • 1 Jump Spells (Backup if Wall Breaker fail)
  • 1 Poison Spell

The Jump Spell is your life insurance coverage on this attacking technique – in case your Wall Breaker fail breaking the skin layer the assault is doomed and everyone knows that this could occur typically. In this case you’ve the Jump Spell.

If your Wall Breaker do as meant you may nonetheless use it contained in the compartments of the bottom so it’s not a waste of housing house.

BoWitch Step by Step

Now let’s check out the totally different steps that this assault requires. The most important a part of this technique just isn’t the timing of deployment, it’s that you just construct a proper funnel on the skin.

BoWitch attacking consists of those 3 steps:

  1. Building a funnel
  2. Send in Bowlers & Witches
  3. Use Jump & Rage Spells & maintain Queen Alive

Let’s have a more in-depth have a look at these steps.

The Side To Attack From

The facet you assault from is fairly straightforward to seek out – for TH11 it’s the quickest path to the Eagle Artillery as it’ll break your entire assault when not get taken out of the sport quickly.

For TH10, you wish to get the Single-Target Inferno Towers out of your method early. This typically instances solely provide you with 1-2 choice the place you assault from.

IN case of this base right here it’s the highest proper or prime left facet – however with all of the trash buldings and the Town Hall on the best facet the highest proper facet is the higher selection:

blank - 3 Star Attacking Guide for BoWitch

Building your funnel

This is essentially the most essential a part of the entire assault – if you happen to do that fallacious you will note your forces stroll across the base and can battle for the 1 Star.

blank - 3 Star Attacking Guide for BoWitch

You will all the time make a brief Queen Walk on the nook and set some Bowlers on the other facet of your funnel to clear it extensive sufficient to make certain all the opposite troops will enter between them.

The Attack

Now it’s about time to make it rain – Bowlers, Witches, Heroes! You will now open up the partitions together with your Wall Breaker/Jump Spell and ship in all the pieces.

Also make Rage Spells occur and use your Grand Warden means while you see Giant Bombs blowing up.

blank - 3 Star Attacking Guide for BoWitch

Now it’s time to look at your assault and drop your spells to assist your Bowlers.

blank - 3 Star Attacking Guide for BoWitch


I may also advocate you to look at this video from ClashTutor that is among the finest guides I’ve seen in a very long time:

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