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3 Star Attacking Guide for Stoned HoBo

3 Star Attacking Guide for Stoned HoBo

Several years in the past when Clan Wars was first launched to the sport, the Hog Rider was a troop in its prime. For any that have been keen to spend hundreds of Dark Elixir, a mass Hog Rider assault was nigh on unstoppable and with aspirations to win successive clan wars many gamers adopted it as a go-to technique for three starring high-level opponents.

Naturally, the benefit with which Hog Riders have been capable of destroy a Base led to many complaints from gamers and with this in thoughts Supercell started making some heavy balancing modifications. Over time, with the addition of large bomb harm multipliers, improve level protection harm and the loathsome skeleton traps, Hogs grew to become tougher and tougher to make use of to good impact at a excessive stage. People turned to different choices for extra dependable success, comparable to Balloons, and the Hog Rider, while being an iconic troop, began to fade into obscurity.

However, the time of the Hog Rider very a lot appears to be again on the rise. With a number of buffs to hitpoints over the previous couple of months, the removing of the enormous bomb harm multiplier and crucially the introduction of the unstoppable Bowler, Supercell have given renewed function to the shrill voiced, huge armed, hammer wielding tower wrecker. Supercell merely couldn’t let such a well-liked troop stroll the lengthy highway to irrelevance, and with the pioneering spirit of Clash gamers the ‘Stoned HoBo’ raid was cast, and Hogs as soon as extra grew to become firmly established as a dominant struggle troop, with the help of a closely spell invested GoBo Killsquad, primarily at Th9.

How Stoned HoBo Works

This attacking technique is fairly in step with the Classic GoHo. But, the addition of Bowlers makes this technique just a little totally different and much more efficient.

Essentially, you need to set off or neutralize a minimum of one double Giant Bomb spot along with your Killsquad which includes of 3 Golems (Stoned), Clan Castle Bowlers, some wizards and your Heroes.  The 3 Golems will tank the remainder of the Killsquad to get deeper into the bottom, permitting the Bowlers to start out clearing from the middle outwards. The Killsquad ought to get very excessive worth, permitting the back-end Hog Riders to wash up the bottom with relative ease.

Which Town Hall stage does Stoned HoBo work?

Townhall 9

Pros of Stoned HoBo

  1. High success price in Clan Wars.
  2. Easy to execute, because it’s only a modification to a traditional technique.
  3. Requires much less give attention to the Hog Rider section than a traditional GoHo, supplied the Killsquad brings excessive worth.

Cons of Stoned HoBo

  1. Extremely costly when it comes to Dark Elixir outlay.
  2. Requires max stage Golem & Hog Rider for the respective Town Hall stage, with high-level heroes to hold the Killsquad to the core.
  3. Can crumble if the Bowlers will not be correctly protected throughout section one of many assault.

Main Purpose Of this Strategy

Clan Wars. This technique is especially efficient towards “Anti Threestar” base designs which are actually frequent in intermediate to superior Clan Wars.

Trophy Pushing is just not beneficial.

blank - 3 Star Attacking Guide for Stoned HoBo

Army Composition for the Stoned HoBo

  • 3 Golems
  • 15-19 Hog Riders
  • Four-6 Wall Breakers
  • Rest Wizards and Clean-Up troops( Archers, Goblins)
  • Max Bowlers in Clan Castle (important)

Spell Composition for Stoned HoBo

  • 1 Rage Spell
  • half Jump Spell(s)
  • half Heal Spell(s)
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • Poison spell within the Clan Castle

This is the simplest Composition for this assault technique, however you’ll be able to mess around with it in accordance with the design of the bottom you’re focusing on. It is named “Stoned” because of the inclusion of 3 Golems. Variations of the technique embrace “Shattered” (2 Golems) or “Cold-Blooded” (1 Golem), each of which substitute the eliminated Golems with extra Hog Riders. It is advisable to prioritize the Killsquad greater than the Hog Riders, through which occasion I strongly recommend taking 2 Jumps to get via the bottom, permitting the Bowlers to capitalize on their lengthy vary assault.

Hog Riders will deal with the remaining with out the assistance of heal spells if the Killsquad achieves excessive worth within the first section. However, in case your Hog Riders are more likely to encounter double large bombs throughout clear up it’s advisable to take 2 heal spells, one in every of which can be utilized to maintain the Bowlers alive ought to or not it’s required.

Stoned HoBo Step by Step

1. Creating the Funnel

Like another Go-Strategy, this additionally wants good funneling. Deploy Golems backed up with flanking Wizards and the AQ to make your manner into the bottom. Set the funnel properly! You’re counting on getting these Bowlers into the bottom!

blank - 3 Star Attacking Guide for Stoned HoBo

2. Deploying Kill-Squad

When the funnel has been set, deploy the BK, adopted by CC Bowlers. Drop Wall Breakers or a Jump Spell to get them into the center of the bottom. Drop a Poison on the Defending CC troops. I like to recommend saving one poison for these pesky Skeletons which, as talked about within the introduction, can devastate Hog Riders if left unchecked! Use Rage and/or Heal when the Killsquad hits the core. Bowlers underneath rage are a sight to behold; they’ll actually wreck the bottom, inside to out, in a heartbeat.

blank - 3 Star Attacking Guide for Stoned HoBo

3. Clean-up the Remaining Defenses

When your Killsquad has decimated the core, free your Hog Riders surgically (3-Four per protection). Drop Heal spell(s) as wanted. Deploy remainder of your clear up troops to brush up the damaged items of your opponents base for a 3-star victory.

This raid is surely a part of the Town Hall 9 Meta for the time being. Heavily invested Killsquads have gotten commonplace in lots of the prime Clan War methods, and this actually isn’t any exception. If practiced properly, and executed correctly you’re assured of success; simply keep in mind to maintain these Bowlers alive! Many Town Hall 9 Clan War raids now hinge fully on Clan Castle Bowlers. That’s simply 5 models that are instrumental to a profitable assault, so don’t allow them to eat a few large bombs on the best way into the bottom!

blank - 3 Star Attacking Guide for Stoned HoBo

If you give attention to what you’re doing and grasp the Stoned HoBo, you’re properly in your approach to changing into a very formidable attacker and will likely be an enormous asset to your Clan throughout Clan Wars. In quick, it is a unbelievable raid so as to add to your arsenal and should you’ve already mastered the Witchslap and GoBoLaLoon raids (hyperlinks under) you’re totally outfitted to 3 star any Town Hall 9 on the War map. Who doesn’t need Sixpacks each struggle? Now go seize your hammer, saddle up your hog and SMASH these puny defenses to items! The Hog Rider is again in motion, and he appears like he’s right here to remain!

Special thanks for serving to me with this information to Spacecake! 🙂

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