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Attacking Strategies for BH7

Attacking Strategies for BH7

Attacking at Builder Hall 7 is getting extra delicate than you’re used to from the prior Builder Hall stage – the reason being that with the Giant Cannon you’ve an especially lethal new protection to counter alongside to the opposite ones like Roaster & Multi Mortar.

I’ll present you the 2 hottest and well-working attacking methods for BH7 right here on this information that can make you capable of win each Versus Battle.

But earlier than we soar into the methods and the way you need to execute them, I’d like to offer you some normal attacking suggestions for BH7.

Builder Hall 7 Attacking Guide

Builder Hall 7 is, so far as of at this time, the best you may get and you’ll face the utmost on defensive energy you possibly can probably face. At the decrease Builder Hall Level, you’ve been seeing Three-Star assaults fairly incessantly, however at BH7 you’ll solely get Three-Star assaults when one of many essential defenses of your opponent (Roaster, Double Cannon, and so on.) is upgrading or he makes use of a horrible base format you possibly can exploit simply.

So, I don’t wish to kill your pleasure right here, however simply make you perceive that strong, high-percentage 2-Star assaults will win you Versus Battles at BH7.

Upgrading Tips BH7

If you’re new at BH7, you will notice that you’ve a ton of costly upgrades that take all 2-Four days forward of you – that’s why I believe some suggestions concerning the upgrading precedence shall be essential:

  • Do improve your troops to your major attacking technique first (Night Witches/Beta Minions or Raged Barbarians/Bomber)
  • Battle Machine Level 10 is okay, increased ranges don’t get you such a excessive profit anymore. BM lvl 20 is simply 20% stronger than BM lvl 10 and a hell of a grind to get – so give attention to troops first!
  • Get the Giant Cannon as quick as attainable to a excessive stage. You will se a Value Pack, however even with out the Giant Cannon to Level 5 or 6 is necessary.
  • Clock Tower & Collectors! The sooner you improve them, the earlier they’ll pay it again to you. The Collectors have fairly low upgarde instances and prices with 200,000 and 12 hours and the Clock Tower will provide help to get extra assaults in and likewise take extra day off the clock for upgrades.
  • For maxing out the opposite defenses, I like to recommend going Roaster>Multi Mortar>Archer Towers>Hidden Teslas>Double Cannons>Cannons>Crusher>Traps. This is for these of you having their defenses on Level 6 already – I’ve additionally the Crusher on the finish as a result of he both one-hit kills Barbarians or should take a number of hits towards the Battle Machine.

This is how I did max out my Builder Hall 7 as a result of I felt it to be probably the most cheap method, however in fact you are able to do it in another way 🙂

Trophy Range

The is not any various to get to a minimum of Four,000 Trophies at BH7! That’s the place you may get the utmost of every day rewards (500,000) and with the loot you have to to max out BH7 you have to each small factor you may get.

Timing Attacks at Builder Hall 7

At BH7, small variations make the distinction between victory or defeat and you’ll be taught that the exhausting method. I attempted a few instances to do Versus Battles with by Battle Machine being upgraded and dropped 800 trophies for profitable simply 1 battle.

When your essential defenses (Roaster, Giant Cannon, Multi Mortar, Air Bombs) or your Battle Machine is upgrading, you’ll have a really exhausting time profitable battles and dropping beneath Four,000 trophies is solely not value it.

blank - Attacking Strategies for BH7

However, remember that it can save you up at some point of every day rewards, so ready at some point with out an assault will allow you to get Three further rewards the following day. In case you didn’t know that, take a look at my information right here:

This means, when you’ve an improve that takes 2 days and also you begin it proper after you’ve cleared your every day reward, you possibly can wait Three days and gained’t lose any every day rewards and don’t should drop an excessive amount of in trophies!

Dealing With The Giant Cannon & More

The Giant Cannon doesn’t deal that extraordinarily excessive injury, but it surely offers extreme injury to your Battle Machine, so you possibly can evaluate it to a Crusher on injury with the power to shoot.

The Giant Cannon is the worst enemy and can take down your Battle Machine extraordinarily quick and there’s not a lot you are able to do besides making an attempt to avoid it so long as attainable till your different troops can clear it.

blank - Attacking Strategies for BH7

In addition, additionally, you will must thoughts the Multi-Mortar & the Roaster plus make sure that your troops don’t step into the Crusher or get dragged into it by the Guard Post troops.

Sounds horribly a lot? Yes, however in actuality you’ll be taught quick see the perfect aspect to assault a base.

  1. Attack from the alternative aspect of the Crusher is in 90% of all circumstances a good suggestion and excessive precedence
  2. Get the Multi Mortar down whereas it targets your Battle Machine together with the Roaster. So you need to assault together with your Battle Machine from the path that provides the quickest route to those two defenses

This will do it for you typically.

For further share (that you’ll want in any case!), you need to all the time scout which buildings on the surface are dangerous or not even protected in any respect so you may get them with a single troop or two.

blank - Attacking Strategies for BH7

Now it’s time to take a more in-depth have a look at the 2 attacking methods I like to recommend utilizing for Builder Hall 7.

BH7 Attacking Strategies

We’re speaking about Night Witch/Beta Minions and Raged Barbarians/Bomber.

These two methods make up like 95% of all assaults in BH7, even robust the Drop Ship is the brand new troop completely for Builder Hall 7 – even Four month after Builder Hall 7 was launched and plenty of have maxed it, it’s nonetheless making only a small a part of all assaults because of the inconsistency and the beautiful excessive share that assaults with Drop Ships fail horribly.

The Night Witch – Beta Minion or the Raged Barbarians – Bomber combo, which one works higher? Well, each are working good and in my view, it’s a private style which one you want extra as each have the potential to get you to five,000 Trophies.

However, I’ve the sensation that Barbarians/Bomber are a bit extra constant and if in case you have the required ability you may make a bit bit extra out of it than with Night Witches/Minions.

However, I like to recommend you to make use of the composition first that you’ve upgraded most thus far and perspectively try to be used to make use of each of them to modify relying on the bottom format you’re going through.

BH7 Attacking with Raged Barbarians & Bomber

The assaults right here work fairly easy. You take one Army Camp of Bombers and the remainder with Raged Barbarians.

The normal assault works all the time the identical:

  • Drop just a few Barbarians on the surface to maintain defenses busy
  • Drop your Bombers to open the partitions
  • Deploy your Battle machine
  • Keep deploying packs of 5-Eight Barbarians on a regular basis

I’ve written a full information about attacking with Raged Barbarians & Bombers a pair weeks in the past, so earlier than I now paste all the pieces right here, I can solely suggest you to be taught the techniques I’m instructing you there.

Here’s the information:

I additionally suggest you to observe this video right here that may even present you some battles and educate you use the Barbarians & Bomber combo:

BH7 Attacking with Night Witches & Beta Minions

The assaults right here work fairly easy. You take two Army Camps of Night Witches and three Army Camps of Beta Minions.

The normal thought of this assault is that the Battle Machine ought to tank the Multi Mortar and Roaster lengthy sufficient till your different troops destroy them. The Bats are the tanks for the Minions and because of their velocity ought to all the time be in entrance and take the injury from the Air Bombs, set off traps, and so on.

You see that this composition depends closely on all elements doing their job and if one in every of them fails, the others are in excessive hazard.

If the Battle Machine dies too early, the Multi Mortar will take in your Night Witches & the Roaster in your Minions and your assault is doomed.

Here’s step-by-step the way you stop that from occurring and the way you execute that assault:

1) Scouting

You must maintain your Battle Machine alive so long as attainable, so make sure that to enter from some extent the place it stays out of attain of the Giant Cannon so long as attainable and likewise reaches the Roaster radius early to tank the Roaster.

blank - Attacking Strategies for BH7

Don’t deploy something but, that’s simply the essential first step

2) Cleaning Outside

Now you need to use single Minions with their capability to destroy Army Camps and Hero Altar and buildings exterior the attain of any defenses.blank - Attacking Strategies for BH7

In uncommon circumstances, you may as well make investments a few them to destroy a Multi Mortar or Giant Cannon earlier than the actual assault begins and you need to do this (even when it’s uncommon to have the chance)

blank - Attacking Strategies for BH7

Three) Battle Machine Deployment

Now you deploy your Battle Machine on the level you’ve chosen in step (1) and instantly cost the power.

blank - Attacking Strategies for BH7

Four) Night Witches Coming In

Once the Battle Machine has been strolling like half the trail to the primary wall or constructing, you possibly can deploy your Night Witches.

blank - Attacking Strategies for BH7

Do not deploy them on the similar spot to stop that they get hit by a entice or the Multi Mortar on the similar time – deploy them in a row with some house in between.

5) Minion Waves

Now it’s time for the Minions. Don’t deploy all of them without delay, you need them to make waves to not waste their Long Shot capability on the identical constructing and likewise to not lose lots of them in case they grow to be the goal of the Roaster or Air Bombs.

blank - Attacking Strategies for BH7

I often make Three waves and maintain 2-Three Minions again! I take advantage of them to clear off 1-2 further buildings on the finish when all different troops are right down to get some further share factors

blank - Attacking Strategies for BH7

Please share your ideas within the feedback beneath 🙂

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