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Battlefield 1 October Update Disabling 40 Player Operations Is Live Now

Battlefield 1 October Update Disabling 40 Player Operations Is Live Now

Along with a bunch of different modifications and fixes, too.

battlefield 1 october update disabling 40 player operations is live now - Battlefield 1 October Update Disabling 40 Player Operations Is Live Now

Battlefield 1‘s lengthy awaited October replace is obtainable now. As is the case with plenty of updates and patches, the brand new replace features a entire host of massive fixes, behind the scene enhancements, stability transforming, and new options and enhancements to the sport.

But probably the most controversial change it brings to the desk is in its disabling of 40 participant operations. Operations has been a fan favourite mode from this sport for a while- and by disabling 40 participant video games, DICE hopes to consolidate the participant base, protecting match be a part of instances to a minimal, and rising the likelihood that gamers discover a populated server.

Whether or not gamers take to this properly remans to be seen (although I’m positive we may have vocal folks on both aspect of the difficulty). Apart from this transformation, nevertheless, as I mentioned, there may be much more to contemplate. Check out the complete patch notes for the sport under.


  • The Concealed Rescue Specialization has been modified and not deploys smoke routinely on a downed squad mate. For smoke to be deployed on a downed squad mate, a squad mate with the Specialization should now spot the downed participant.
  • Fixed a problem with the Stimulant Syringe Specialization the place the revived soldier wouldn’t obtain the dash increase.
  • Fixed a problem with Healing Hands Challenge #1 “Heal 10 Different Squad Members”. It is now cumulative and tracks between matches.
  • Fixed points the place Soldier Assignment progress was not being displayed correctly.


  • Changed the Ottoman Standard Issue Rifle from the Martini Henry to the G98. This is extra traditionally correct, and ought to be a greater matchup in opposition to the British SMLE.
  • Increased Tripwire-HE blast injury from 80 to 85, sufficient to attain an Assist Counts As Kill in opposition to an enemy with the Flak Specialization.
  • Fixed a problem the place throwing a smoke grenade would stop the thrower from performing different actions for a short while.
  • Changed mid-length Parabellum (25-50 left) reload from 6.75 to six.85 to match animation place.
  • Fixed a problem the place 3P Bayonet Charge VO might be reduce off if the cost began instantly after the flexibility recharged.
  • Added lacking emblem to FA Automatic Rifle.
  • Fixed a problem the place no audio would play for computerized weapons in single hearth mode for 3P troopers.
  • Fixed grenade resupply audio.
  • Added Press or Hold possibility for Bayonet Charge.


  • Fixed overly vivid mane and tail on horses in Tsaritsyn cathedral.
  • Both gunners of Ilya Muromets now present hit markers when hitting enemy gamers.
  • The Assault Truck’s sensitivity is now affected by sensitivity choices.
  • Fixed a problem the place 3P enemy footsteps might be heard too loudly when the native participant was in a automobile.
  • Fixed a problem the place the grenade throw emote from a soldier contained in the Putilov-Garford Armored automotive might be heard from very far-off.
  • Selecting a pleasant soldier or automobile within the deploy display will now present their present well being as a round bar across the chosen icon.
  • Fixed a problem the place bomber weapons have been inaudible from 3P digital camera in seat 1 of huge bombers.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented gamers in a squad spawning in a airplane managed by a squad member if the airplane was outdoors of the soldier fight space.


  • Brusilov Keep: Fixed difficulty the place gamers may spawn in hearth.
  • Fixed a problem with Mother Voice Over on Operations Globe display.
  • Fixed a problem the place English was enjoying as an alternative of Localized MX and SA languages for Mountain Fort Defender Loss VO.
  • Fixed occluding points with manufacturing unit smash pillars in Tsaritsyn.
  • Enabled injury on barbed wire near seize level D on Galicia in Conquest.
  • Fixed floating dust mounds across the prepare wreck on Volga River.
  • Operation Brusilov Offensive’s remaining ranking is now appropriately rated out of 24 as an alternative of 30.
  • Fixed a problem the place Operations have been geographically misplaced.
  • Removed autos from Back to Basics Conquest sport sort.
  • Fixed flickering vivid snow on Galicia.
  • Echoes activated in Lupkow Pass.
  • Fixed a problem the place a couple of piece of music may play throughout the briefing of an Operation.
  • Removed Elite pickups from Domination.
  • Removed Elite pickups from Team Deathmatch.
  • Updated Red Tide Operation transitional announcer VO for five localized languages.
  • Updated localized VO for Red Tide Operation defender briefing.
  • Fixed difficulty the place a participant would change to the enemy group whereas enjoying Frontlines throughout a match.
  • Added extra Russian “self” VO.
  • Fixed a pink background used for the White Army in Operation Red Tide.
  • Changed Conquest and Domination “You are winning/You are losing” strains to solely set off when groups are shut sufficient (in tickets) to catch up.
  • Fixed a problem the place Hero Kit introductions weren’t proven correctly on Verdun Heights in Operation Devil’s Anvil.
  • Fixed a problem the place Pre-End-of-Round music and UI wouldn’t be triggered within the remaining minute of Frontlines gameplay if gamers have been contesting a flag.
  • Fixed a problem the place feminine battle cry was heard on German and Austro-Hungarian groups throughout Operations video games.
  • Removed invisible collision close to the French spawn in Soissons.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen within the Operations sport mode.


  • Improved culling on participant heads.
  • When the video choices movement blur quantity is about to zero%, turning the movement blur system off totally positive aspects some graphics efficiency.
  • Added choices to show off the Chromatic Aberration (digital camera lens inflicting shade fringing alongside excessive distinction edges) and Photographic Film Grain Noise submit processing results.
  • Fixed the difficulty the place the gameplay choices for controlling the visibility of the world icons for enemy and pleasant troopers weren’t working correctly.
  • Fixed a problem that would trigger server lag by disabling sure debug options.
  • Improved server fps warning icon evaluation and alert.
  • Players will now be unable to take advantage of the request order on the finish of a spherical to develop into Squad Leader within the subsequent spherical.
  • Allow participant rank to be displayed in in-game scoreboard on password protected servers.
  • Added key bindings for Bayonet Charge (separate from Melee key binding).


  • Server admins will now have the flexibility to maneuver gamers between groups.

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