Destiny 2’s Faction Rally Won By New Monarchy

Destiny 2’s Faction Rally Won By New Monarchydestiny 2s faction rally won by new monarchy - Destiny 2’s Faction Rally Won By New Monarchy

Along with the standard reset for rituals and Milestones in Destiny 2, right this moment marks the top of the second ever Faction Rally in Bungie’s shared world shooter. Maybe it was due to the involvement of PC gamers or as a result of the opposite factions’ weapons had been terrible however New Monarchy gained this time round.

That means those that pledged allegiance to New Monarchy will obtain the Legendary sword referred to as Honor’s Edge for 1,000 Glimmer (everybody else has to pay 50,000 Glimmer). The key trait of the blade is En Garde which can increase injury after you turn to it. That being stated, it’s no Quickfang which additionally carries the trait however with different bonuses. Quickfang can be doled out by Cayde-6 so that you don’t even want to participate within the Faction Rally.

The Faction Rally has been a little bit of bust for Bungie so far seeing as how actions like Lost Sectors and Heroic Public Events are far more sensible to finish for Tokens versus Strikes or Crucible matches. What did you consider it this time round? Let us know within the feedback.


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