Download Azangara Free Ocean of Game

Download Azangara Free Ocean of Game Azangara Rock Start Game: the best-hidden treasure game far and far away from the Azangara land. Do you think you can reach that level where you can find hidden secrets, treasures, and mysteries? Then download now!

Download Azangara Free Ocean of Game - Download Azangara Free Ocean of Game

The arcade game for all the adventure lovers, Azangara is an interesting game in the ocean of games. It follows the rules in which the player has to pass all the obstacles carefully. The game is all about to find the treasures, secrets and the mysteries. The obstacles may be the bridges, stones, and lightning.

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The interesting and surprising point in Azangara is that most of the barriers are invisible to the player, so to take care of these serious points the player has to be very careful while playing the game.


The game itself is easy, as you pass the obstacles you will get the next upgrade level. Try not to lose the life if the player loses the life. He will not get the reward and also fail in upgrading the game level.


In Azangara the player can boost their score with the help of bonus points. In the game, there are many objects, which provide bonus points to the player. Azangara is a game which is also full of adventure. In each level of this competition, the player enjoys the new scene and new obstacles.

                   Download Azangara and play!

Features of Azangara arcade:

  • Excellent game graphics
  • Good game character
  • Interesting obstacles
  • Best 3D arcade game


Download Azangara Free Ocean of Game

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