Totally Accurate battle stimulators


Download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is all about the ancient fight Ocean of Game. There is a war and you need to win it. Weapons including guns, swords and shields are there to protect you. Download free full PC version of this addictive game.

We have brought this game from the ocean of games. It is all about thrill and adventure.

Totally Accurate battle stimulators - Totally Accurate battle stimulators

TOTALLY ACCURATE BATTLE STIMULATORS is a war game. The inspiration for this game is taken from the ancient war style, which involves weapons like the swords, shields and the cannon balls. Along with these weapons, one of the pre-historic time weapons is also used in this adventurous game which is the large cat a pulled which is tightened with the huge gigantic stone.

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All these weapons mentioned above employed by the both warrior parties. In totally accurate battle stimulators a proper battlefield is set with excellent graphics and architecture, these graphics and design are so appealing that indeed provides the sense of feeling that a player is really on the battlefield and fighting the battle. For those people who want to experience the ancient time battles, then totally accurate battle stimulators are the best game for them.

Isn’t exciting?

While playing this game, the interest, and affiliation regarding the old war automatically developed. Totally accurate battle stimulators are rich with all the war features most of them are mentioned above. One of the most important features of this game, which is also a crucial part of a totally accurate battle stimulators as well is that a player can set the war strategies just like real time situation.


There are two warriors teams, each team has their team lead, who consoles and manages the other members and drive the strategies for this purpose. Totally accurate battle stimulators exactly follow the real time war situation. There is a game the exact attack and defensive policies are followed. Along with that just like real time situation the first-aid services are also given to the injured, this is a really strong feature of totally accurate battle stimulators which give it the right sense of war.

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