F1 2017 Guide – How To Earn Research Points Quickly

F1 2017 Guide – How To Earn Research Points Quickly

This is the way you leverage the sport’s revamped R&D system to the fullest.

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F1 2017 continues to flesh out the superb profession mode in final 12 months’s entry. This time round, the sport takes cues from many different widespread video games of the day, by including RPG parts. No, no leveling or loot programs here- however there are what are mainly ability timber. These ability timber are hidden behind the R&D you get to conduct over the profession mode, and may unlock 100 new skills and perks for you.

There are 4 instances as many skills to unlock this time around- and the tree itself is non linear, that means it’s important to put some thought into what your brief time period and long run objectives are if you wish to leverage it to the fullest potential.

Of course, you possibly can’t simply unlock issues on a whim- you want Resource Points to take action, and Resource Points are a restricted forex. Here are some tricks to earn them a bit faster and extra effectively:

  • Win. This is… in all probability fairly good recommendation for the sport generally, however win races. First place will get you 25% extra Resource Points than you’ll have in any other case gotten.
  • Sim races. Once the sport is absolutely conscious of your means, and may simulate it nicely, begin simming races- this can prevent quite a lot of time.
  • Become world champion early within the season. Wait, there’s extra to this- as soon as you’re World Champion, mainly halt all R&D. This will internet you an extra 25% Resource Points, too.

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