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Farming Without Heroes / Low Heroes

Farming Without Heroes / Low Heroes

So many people must cope with upgrading Heroes on daily basis in Clash of Clans and with the often added new ranges it has not gotten any higher. In reality, not having Heroes obtainable is likely one of the greatest pains you’ll be able to have.

This is likely one of the the reason why one or one other delay Hero upgrades since you simply want them. Well, eventually you’ll must do it however the excellent news is, you’ll be able to nonetheless farm and trophy push when your Heroes are upgrading and on this article, I’ll present you the attacking methods that work nicely with out heroes.

Heroes are very robust and plenty of occasions they make the distinction between a misplaced assault and a victory or are an essential a part of the entire attacking technique. This is good on one hand as a result of all of us make investments plenty of time and sources in upgrading them, however alternatively, we additionally get increasingly more depending on our Heroes – this implies with them you’re robust and with out them, you aren’t.

How To Farm Without Heroes

Lower Town Hall Levels admire our Heroes, however they’ll farm it doesn’t matter what they’re upgrading. When you improve to Town Hall 9 you see very quick how a lot you rely in your Heroes, however merely not farming whereas they’re upgrading shouldn’t be an possibility.

So what are you able to do within the meantime?

There are methods to nonetheless farm, additionally fairly profitable.

Why Not BARCH or Goblin Knife?

BARCH and Goblin Knife work nice in decrease Town Hall areas, however in case you are Town Hall 9 or above you’ll have a more durable time utilizing them. The cause is simple, in phrases to make them working efficiently you have to your Barbarian King for tanking and your Archer Queen to take down a sure a part of the bottom.

Without heroes, you don’t have that.

This can also be the rationale why attacking methods like Queen Walk & Bowlers, Queen Charge & Miner and rather more usually are not working, however there are methods which might be in a position to make strong 1-Star & 2-Star assaults with out counting on Heroes!

I’m speaking about methods the place Heroes are good to get extra share or some extra Storages, however you’ll not have that a lot much less with out having heroes obtainable.

Also, it’s not quite common that you’ve got each Heroes upgrading on the similar time when you have got them at Level 20+ because of the insane quantity of Elixir wanted.

I’ll now present you a number of attacking methods that you should use with out Heroes. You can verify them out and see which one works finest for you (and naturally matches the troops that you’ve got upgraded thus far):

  • Town Hall 9: Giants, Healer and Valkyries
  • Town Hall 10 & 11: BabyLoon
  • Town Hall 10 & 11: Miners
  • Town Hall 9 & 10 & 11: LavaLoonian

They utterly depend on not having Heroes obtainable in any respect, however I believe you’ll have no less than 1 Hero obtainable.

Attention! Please thoughts that I’ve solely taken attacking methods right here the place you’re in a position to assault lively bases which might be the identical Town Hall degree as you’re – none of those methods require you to go looking lots of of bases till you discover an deserted base with exterior collectors.

Farming With Giants/Healer/Valkyries (Town Hall 9)

This is a good way to wreck bases, with out Heroes – the one draw back is that you’ll want some upgraded Valkyries, that a few of us nonetheless should not have. You will want no less than Valkyries Level three and for Town Hall 11, you must have them maxed.

Here’s what you have to practice:

  • Eight-10 Giants;
  • 6-Eight Wizards;
  • 2 Healers;
  • 12 Valkyries;
  • 2 Rage Spells;
  • 2 Jump Spells;
  • 1 Freeze Spell (for TH10 and above bases for the Inferno Towers)
  • 1 Poison Spell; and
  • Clan Castle crammed with both Giants or Valkyries (relying what your Clan can provide you finest).

There isn’t any Heal Spell needed as a result of the Healer will observe the Valks as soon as the Giants die off.

The attacking plan is kind of easy:

  1. Send within the Giants & Healers;
  2. Create a funnel along with your Wizards;
  3. Deploy the Valks; and
  4. Follow them and assist them with the Spells.

The first two steps are solely designed to create your entry level to the bottom. You need to deploy your Giants and Healers to get the defenses consideration after which drop your Wizards to create a funnel for the Valkyries.

If you continue to have an issue making a funnel I’d advocate this information I wrote:

blank - Farming Without Heroes / Low Heroes

Then you’ll ship in your Valkyries, and that’s just about it – all that’s left to do is deploy your Spells for the Valkyries:

  • Freeze Spell the Multi-Target Inferno Tower (TH10+);
  • Jump Spell earlier than your Valkyries enter that space (you will notice how briskly they’re, particularly beneath rage); and
  • Rage Spell on them (particularly as soon as they attain the core space).

blank - Farming Without Heroes / Low Heroes

I’ve right here one video for you the place you’ll be able to verify some replays (please click on right here when you’ll be able to’t see the video):

TH10-TH11: Farming With BabyLoon

BabyLoon is a superb farming technique since Baby Dragons have been launched and the wonderful thing about it’s, it doesn’t depend upon Heroes as they’re just for cleansing ultimately.

blank - Farming Without Heroes / Low Heroes

I personally like this technique loads and you must have the ability to choose up your League Bonus nearly the entire time (until one thing goes horribly flawed), so you may as well add the League Bonus to your internet revenue which is usually a lot (I’m in Titan league so it’s additionally 300ok Gold/Elixir + 2k Dark Elixir on high).

If you prefer to study extra about that technique, I’ve written a full information the way it works right here:

TH9-TH11: Farming With LavaLoonian

This is my private favourite technique for farming with out Heroes, I additionally really feel the msot snug with it as a result of I do know I can at all times get a excessive share for the League Bonus with out the Heroes.

Depending in your style, you should use 2 or three Lava Hounds, I personally choose having three Hounds at TH11 to offer the Balloons some additional time:

  • 2 Lava Hounds;
  • 22-24 Balloons;
  • 25 Minions;
  • Balloons in your Clan Castle;
  • 1 Freeze Spell;
  • 1-2 Rage Spells;
  • 2 Haste Spell; and
  • three Poison Spells (sure, you’ll want them).

The attacking itself is fairly normal:

  1. Send in your Lava Hounds to cowl 2 Air Defenses;
  2. Directly after them you’ll ship your Balloons;
  3. Right behind them your Minions; and
  4. Drop your Spells.

It’s in all probability the best assault as a result of you’ll clear up something within the path. With the Minions already deployed you received’t want troops for cleansing behind as a result of they are going to already clear up the whole lot of their method.

blank - Farming Without Heroes / Low Heroes

All you have to do is deploy your spells:

  • Freeze Spell on the Eagle Artillery (TH11) or for decrease THs you must verify if you will get like 2 X-Bows collectively;
  • Haste Spells at first (as a result of your Balloons are grouped up and you’ve got sufficient so that you received’t want the additional harm);
  • Rage Spell within the core space; and
  • All Poison Spells on defending Clan Castle troops or Skeleton Traps if there are any.

blank - Farming Without Heroes / Low Heroes

If you wish to dive deeper into this attacking technique, please take a look at my LaLoonian information right here:


Farming with out Heroes shouldn’t be that a lot of a ache. With these three methods you’ll make some revenue and over time additionally, you will get the League Bonus extra often as an addition.

Of course, the revenue with Heroes is larger – however what are the opposite choices? Collector sniping is only a waste of time for a small revenue and with the quick coaching occasions of this technique, you will notice that you just nonetheless can do a pleasant variety of assaults on daily basis.

Please share your ideas within the feedback under 🙂

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