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Free Game Pick Ocean of Games – Heaven for Gamers

Online gaming is the latest trend that everyone is going crazy for these days. If you are a gaming freak yourself and look for a comprehensive gaming platform that will give you the best chance to engage in your favorite games; you have arrived at the perfect place. The ocean of games is an online gaming platform that offers more than 100+ top rated games for the users to enjoy. There is a game that you will get to enjoy from every genre.

About Ocean of Games

We are professional gaming providers to people in Pakistan and all around the globe. We first launched our website in 2013 with a limited audience following and engaging with us. Over the past many years, we have worked very hard to make our gaming website the best online gaming platform for users to engage in. Currently, we are ranked amongst the top gaming providers of the country with a wide range of different categories of games for the users to engage with.

Game reviews

With our website, you not only find your favorite HD quality games to enjoy but will also be able to read top quality game reviews by users and experts alike. The game reviews that we have included on our website talking about the game in general and in specific talk about the features, pros, cons, installation and playing instructions etc. Our detailed game reviews definitely give you a chance to enjoy your favorite games and find out about many new ones that you can play in your leisure time.

Categories of games

There are different more than 15+ categories in which our games have been divided. With our website, we have tried to be as detailed and comprehensive as possible. When we say this, we talk about several top ranking games from different categories made available for the people to enjoy without any biases. Hence, with us, you will definitely find a game that pleases you or suits your interests. Here is a look at the top categories from the 15+ that are the most popular on the site; for different reasons. These categories have the widest range of games because of increased popularity and demand amongst the gaming audiences.

  • Action games are most popular on our website. This includes games like resident evil 1 & 2, Minecraft, Grand theft auto, breakout, and Tekken.
  • Another popular category of games is the Arcade games. This includes super soccer noggins, man or monster, Pacman and Donkey
  • Sports games are a favorite for many users and it has the widest range of games included in this category as well such as football manager, FIFA 16, FIFA 17, NBA 2K17 and the rocket league.
  • Puzzle and Memory games are another great addition to the existing gaming categories. It includes games like the jewel quest, candy crush, diamond rush, Fishdom and portal 2.
  • If you love Disney and other animated movies, you will fall in love with the wide category of fantasy games available on our website include Frozen fever and the Mermaid rush.