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Master the Healing Spell

Master the Healing Spell

The Healing Spell is a spell utilized by virtually each participant as a result of it’s very useful – however at TH10 & TH11 it hasn’t been used that a lot due to the Inferno Tower. Supercell eliminated that therapeutic block in the December 2017 Update, so the Healing Spell is making an enormous comeback at the excessive Town Hall Levels and it’s a viable choice for nearly all attacking methods.

That’s why I did rework this information from the floor and this devoted information will present you how you need to use the Healing Spell and what it’s best to all the time take note.

What the Healing Spell is Used For

Well, the title already tells you that this spell is used for restoring well being inside an assault in Clash of Clans.

The Healing Spell is the solely spell with supportive impact that can stack. There is a delusion that spells don’t stack generally, however the Healing Spell does stack in your troops!

Troops that love the Healing Spell

In normal, all the troops that group up in larger packs and have medium to excessive hitpoints are good to make use of together with the Healing Spell. Specifically, that’s:

  • Giants
  • Balloons
  • Miners
  • Hog Riders
  • Valkyries
  • Bowlers

If you’re utilizing certainly one of the above troops in a bigger quantity (I imply not simply throo or 4 of them), the Healing Spell is a spell that it’s best to think about using – and I guess you DO use a few of the above troops continuously in Multiplayer assaults 😉

I feel it’s very apparent why the Healing Spell is wasted on Barbarians and Archers, however perhaps you ask why I don’t title Dragons or P.E.Ok.Ok.A?

If you examine their whole well being with the quantity of therapeutic the Healing Spell gives you will note that that is solely a restricted proportion. Those two sorts of troops (three in the event you additionally contemplate the Lava Hound) are getting large harm as a result of they’re usually attacked from a variety of buildings directly and the Healing Spell has it’s largest profit in therapeutic teams.

Let’s make a brief instance with precise numbers…

The Healing Spell Level 6 gives 1.600 well being, and a Dragon Level four has 2.500 hit factors. Let’s say you handle to have a pack of four Dragons collectively in the vary of the Healing Spell, which is kind of optimistic in the event you look how briskly they unfold out.

This would imply in the good scenario that you’ll give them altogether 6.400 further well being. The max therapeutic could be 64% of the Dragon, however in the event you watch you see how briskly they die when they’re underneath heavy fireplace. If we now take a bunch of 20 Hog Riders we see that the further therapeutic could be 32.000 hit factors.

You see the distinction right here and the Healing Spell is the strongest when you need to use it on teams of troops. The finest teams of troops are made by troops that focus on defenses first as a result of they don’t break up up into a lot of smaller teams so usually.
Normally you see Giants, Hog Riders, Bowlers, Valkyries break up up in no more than two teams, so you may maintain them alive with Healing Spells simply.

This is the cause I don’t suggest the Healing Spell for Dragons, and so on.

Placing the Healing Spell Correctly

There are two issues you are able to do flawed right here and fully blow it up.

One is the place the place you employ it and the different is the timing if you use it.

You can both give your troops a second or third life or simply waste two spell housing area in your military stack.

Here are some issues you have to to bear in mind.

1) Look into the future

I all the time see individuals deploying their Healing Spell proper on their troops, even Town Hall 11 gamers at 4000+ trophies. I perceive that it appears to be a good suggestion, nevertheless it’s additionally an enormous waste!

The Healing Spell is energetic 12 seconds, and the Healing impact is the similar all the time. Some suppose it will get much less as a result of the visuals change into much less sturdy when the spell is about to finish, however no worries it is not going to 🙂

In 12 seconds, troops transfer over an enormous a part of the base, so all the time deploy the spell forward of them!

blank - Master the Healing Spell

In this image, you see how the Healing Spell is dropped so the exterior nook simply touches the Balloons barely and they’ll transfer inside the radius for so long as attainable to get the most therapeutic energy attainable.

If you don’t try this and your troops go away the space earlier than the spell is over, you merely wasted therapeutic, which makes the spell much less efficient than it might be.

2) First Aid Healing

Many troops that work nice alongside a Healing Spell have a nemesis referred to as Giant Bombs or Bomb Tower (the harm that’s dealt when it goes down).

This harm received’t kill them, however take away so lots of their hitpoints that they’re underneath an enormous menace of dying quickly – particularly when there may be a variety of harm round them.

Dropping a preventive Healing Spell will assist in these circumstances. However, it solely helps in the event you do it quick sufficient.

In the case of a Bomb Tower, it’s preventive. Simply drop the Healing Spell proper on the Tower when your troops attain the space.

blank - Master the Healing Spell

Giant Bombs, and even worst double Giant Bombs, are extra difficult. The set off time is 1 second, that’s the time you must get your Healing Spell deployed.

So take a really shut have a look at your troops and what’s occurring on the map!

This additionally works properly in conflict if you face a structure with a Tesla Farm that offers insane harm and require you to provide your troops some further assist.

Here’s an incredible video by OneHive Gazette, that’s nonetheless very useful even when it’s a bit older:


I’m utilizing the Healing Spell now continuously since the replace was launched in December and I’ve the feeling that the outcomes are higher than utilizing 2 Haste Spells or 1 Rage Spell with Lavaloonion.


My advice to you is to not less than attempt it out for a few instances, additionally in Friendly Challenges in the event you don’t really feel like leaping into the chilly water and I’m fairly positive that you’ll like the outcomes, not less than with most continuously used military compositions.

Please share your ideas in the feedback beneath 🙂

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