Download Mr. President Pc Game Free From Ocean of Games

Mr. President Download Free Ocean of Game. Get ready to save the world most unpopular president of all time Ronald Rump. Get the full PC version now. It’s your duty to save him just for MONEY!


The ocean of games has the latest game that is full of fun and action too. Might be you don’t like the main character of the game, but you will like the DOLLARS!

Mr. President Game - Download Mr. President Pc Game Free From Ocean of Games

The easy way to earn money is to protect the president Ronald Rump from the murdering attempts of the crowd.


The bodyguard Dick Johnson will play the role of guard. He has to save the president at any cost without thinking of his own life.  Don’t worry the body of guard is as hard as a rock. All you need is too active and life saver of Rump.


This is going to be the dangerous adventure as well as the funniest one. This game is designed for the lovers and the haters of Rump.


What the media crowd is there, and the elections are started. The important thing is the president is famous but not for his good work. There are bad rumours about the president everywhere.


Many killers will try to attack him, but the aim of Dick Johnson is to protect by taking bullet off from him. The media has already made a very bad impression of him. There is no option for him but to rescue by the efficient bodyguard.


In this game, you will play the role of Dick Johnson. All you need is to earn money by protecting him. The most amazing or you can say the funniest part of this game is the destruction or hard body.


Download it now and get the dollars in your pocket. There are 50 amazing, super-exciting and powerful levels that you need to cover one by one.

The challenge will be more in every next level. You need to focus on your aim, and that is to protect the MR. PRESIDENT from the sudden attacks.

Game futures of Mr. President:

  • Impressive graphics
  • 50 thrilling and funny levels of protection
  • Action and full of adventure

Download Mr. President Pc Game Free From Ocean of Games


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