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Queen Charge Funneling Guide

Queen Charge Funneling Guide

A Queen Charge is a technique that isn’t new in any respect, however with the current balancing modifications, it bought much more highly effective to make use of from TH9+ and proper now it’s one thing virtually each attacker makes use of at TH10 & TH11 as effectively – purpose sufficient for me to jot down an entire new information on how you employ it, find out how to funnel your Queen and far more helpful info that may make your Queen Charge extra highly effective.

Queen Charge Strategy

Let’s begin with just a little little bit of historical past now. About two years in the past, a number of attacking compositions developed round utilizing an Archer Queen with a number of Healers to farm or additionally construct a funnel for an assault, when the Healers bought a balancing change so their therapeutic stacks.

In the start, it was the “Superqueen” technique, a farming technique that used the Queen together with Healers and Archers/Barbarians to interrupt into the bottom and get the Dark Elixir Storage and the “Queen Walk” the place the Queen will clear exterior buildings with the help of Healers to construct a funnel for the kill squad.

At Town Hall 9, this was extremely popular till this very day however with TH10+ this technique bought some limitations because the Inferno Towers would, as soon as focusing on the Archer Queen, block all therapeutic results and let the Archer Queen die fast.

Now that this blocking from the Inferno Towers is gone, combining your Archer Queen with Healers is extra widespread and highly effective than ever.

The Queen Charge

While the Queen Walk is at all times a approach to clear off exterior buildings with a view to construct a funnel in your troops with out risking moving into the vary of the Inferno Tower, the Queen Charge will funnel your Archer Queen deep into the bottom.

The benefit of the Queen Charge, in comparison with a traditional Queen Walk, is:

  • You can get extra highly effective defenses out of your manner
  • Take out defending Heroes
  • Clean CC troops

and that makes it so much simpler in your military troops to take down the bottom.

Queen Walk Combinations

You can mix your Queen Charge with virtually all attacking methods, particularly in Clan War.

All it is advisable to do that are well-upgraded Healers and your Archer Queen must be at an honest stage:

  • TH9: Level 25+
  • TH10: Level 30+
  • TH11: Level 35+

You will at all times face conditions the place your Queen will get focused by Three or extra level defenses after which her well being & DPS is essential, that’s why she must be upgraded.

You can mix it with LaLoon by taking down Air Defenses and the defending Queen upfront or with Hog Riders, Miners, Bowlers and so forth.

Today, you can even use the Queen Charge for normal assaults in multiplayer as effectively, like right here with Miners for farming:

There is successfully no composition on the market you possibly can’t use the Queen Charge with 🙂

Queen Charge Strategy Guide

Often instances I see individuals doing a Queen Charge by dropping her with some Healers, then drop some Wall Breakers in hope to get her into the bottom.

This can work and likewise works typically sufficient, but additionally leaves quite a lot of potential on the way in which.

When performing a strong Queen Charge, you at all times need to just remember to haev these two goals coated:

  1. Where do I need my Queen to go and what ought to she take out on her manner
  2. How do I be sure that she follows the trail I’ve deliberate for her

If you already try this, you migh need to skip this subsequent chapter and go to the half the place I give sensible suggestions that enable you to forestall that your Queen Charge fails 😉

Funneling Queen Charge

A Queen Charge at all times consists of a normal setup subsequent to the Archer Queen:

  • 5 Healers (6 if they don’t seem to be well-upgraded)
  • Three Wizards / 2 Baby Dragons (as you like)
  • 5-Eight Wall Breaker
  • 2-Three Rage Spells

The Wizards and the Wall Breaker will be sure that, that your Queen enters the bottom as you’ll open up wall spots in your Queen and likewise take out exterior buildings with the Wizards to funnel her in.

When planning your Queen Walk, I could make it quick and simple for you by selecting the situation you’ll carry out it.

It’s in 95% of the instances into the defending Archer Queen & Clan Castle (in Clan Wars) as a result of these two will take advantage of hassle in your different troops and also you need to take them down. In addition, you possibly can at all times goal for defenses just like the Eagle Artillery, X-Bows, Air Defenses (should you do air assaults) or Bomb Tower (should you use Bowlers, Miners, Hogs, Valks and so forth.).

Here’s an instance base:

blank - Queen Charge Funneling Guide

The place to begin here’s a no-brainer as a result of we have to pull the Clan Castle and on that manner, we are able to get the Eagle Artillery out of the way in which.

The greatest approach to get there may be by the big compartment with the Bomb Tower, as soon as out Queen is in there, we’ll get the Clan Castle and in the end the Eagle Artillery as effectively.

blank - Queen Charge Funneling Guide

When the left facet of the bottom is cleared, we are able to ship in our troops from the underside and they’ll completely funnel in course of the Town Hall.

But let’s get again to the Queen Charge.

Now we’ve three issues to deal with in the course of the Queen Charge:

  • Wait till our Queen will get focused by the defenses so we are able to safely drop our Wall Breaker
  • Use our Baby Dragons to funnel her in, you don’t need her to go alongside the perimeter of the bottom!
  • Keep her alive when harm will get too robust with a Rage Spell in your Healers

This is crucial factor to do and should you fail the entire assault will fail!

blank - Queen Charge Funneling Guide

It will take you some observe to maintain calm and have a watch in your Queen at the start after which watch when to drop your Wall Breaker and your funneling troops.

I often use Wizards as a result of they don’t use that a lot housing area, however Baby Dragons are higher at first as a result of they’ll’t get focused by floor defenses and have extra hitpoints that may cowl up should you missed the proper timing.

Once you bought your funnel, you possibly can ship in your different troops and they’ll deal with the remainder of the bottom.

blank - Queen Charge Funneling Guide

Timing Queen Charge

In idea, a Queen Charge may probably take out an entire base with out another troops if there wouldn’t be the timer.

The Queen Charge takes time, as your Queen has to take care of the defenses and sometimes instances with Skeleton Traps or additionally a Lava Hound within the Clan Castle.

Now the success is to understand how lengthy your troops will take to destroy the remainder of the bottom and that’s one thing it is advisable to watch fastidiously out of your previous assaults.

In normal, I believe it is best to deploy the opposite troops at these instances:

  • Clan War Three-Star: 1:30 left on the clock (newest!)
  • Pushing/Farming: 1:00 left on the clock (you don’t want that Three-Star that a lot)

Save A Queen Charge!

Things go mistaken on a regular basis and typically your Queen doesn’t act such as you thought she would or sudden issues come her manner.

Here you see the most typical issues that occur and what it is best to do in that case.

Seeking Air Mines! With that many Queen Charges, defensive ideas modified and lots of prefer to put Seeking Air Mines on the skin to take Healers right down to make the Queen Walk / Queen Charge fail.

blank - Queen Charge Funneling Guide

This is one thing you possibly can’t forestall but additionally one thing you may have coated. With 5 Healers in your Queen, you possibly can afford shedding one Healer simply and even when shedding 2 of them – simply watch the well being extra fastidiously and be able to drop your Rage Spells when many level defenses are in your Queen.

Air Defenses! In a nasty state of affairs, it could actually occur that an Air Defense will attain your Healers and your Queen isn’t about to take it down that quickly. In most circumstances you possibly can forestall that by scouting the Air Defenses proper.

You can obtain this with a easy rule of association. Here’s the fascinating half:

  • The Archer Queen’s vary is 5 tiles
  • Air Defenses have a variety of 10 tiles

So very merely spoken you want a Wall and four tiles area between the Air Defense – identical to that:

blank - Queen Charge Funneling Guide

If you’re Town Hall 11, this additionally is perhaps a good suggestion to make use of your Grand Wardens’ potential to avoid wasting your Queen Charge.

Single Target Inferno! Inferno Towers don’t block therapeutic anymore, however the Single Target Inferno Tower, as soon as locked, will deal insane harm that no therapeutic can cowl up. If the Single Target Inferno Tower beam locks onto your Queen, you will want to make use of her potential fast, that may save her.

blank - Queen Charge Funneling Guide

I don’t like to make use of the Grand Warden right here, except the Queen is simply seconds away from destroying the Inferno Tower, as it would solely make her invincible however the DPS will construct up and as soon as the 5 seconds Eternal Tome are over the Queen will die immediately.

Normally, I take advantage of her potential and begin with my full assault to get the Healers to maneuver over because the Queen is misplaced anyway. Try to make the perfect out of it’s typically the perfect strategy 🙂

Don’t wait too lengthy, you possibly can’t change it now and also you don’t need to additionally lose your Healers and Grand Warden as effectively, so act fast!

Walks the mistaken manner! The Archer Queen isn’t the neatest individual on earth, so typically she likes to do unpredictable issues.

The purpose why you may have your funneling troops and particularly that many Wall Breakers with you is that you may appropriate her manner with them.

Make certain to interrupt the skin funnel and likewise drop your Wall BReakers fastidiously – with Eight Wall Breakers you possibly can at all times break Three wall sections and if certainly one of that fails, 2 wall sections is at all times sufficient to maintain your Queen on observe 🙂

Now for the top, I’ve bought some movies that I prefer to suggest to you:

  • Powerbang’s TH9 Queen Charge Guide (click on right here) which helps so much in understanding it
  • OneHive Gazette on funneling the Queen (click on right here) with a great deal of examples

Good luck and Clash on! 🙂

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