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Queen Charge Hog Rider – 3 Star Strategy

Queen Charge Hog Rider – 3 Star Strategy

Hog Riders are again to 3 Star bases close to you for the reason that Inferno Tower misplaced its lethal heal block and on this information, I’ll present you the way you do it and all it’s worthwhile to find out about this technique.

blank - Queen Charge Hog Rider – 3 Star Strategy

This technique works for TH9 – TH11 with out issues – however it’s best to thoughts that you just want an in accordance Archer Queen Level:

  • TH9: AQ must be lvl 30 or near it
  • TH10 & TH11: AQ must be lvl 35+

How Queen Charge Hog Rider Works

I’ve been exhibiting you an analogous technique with Miners for farming & pushing trophies a couple of days in the past and it really works comparable to this technique.

You would possibly now ask your self why I current this technique now? Well, Queen Charge Mass Miner has additionally a number of potential to 3-Star but it surely does that not that persistently plus working out of time is at all times one of many huge struggles with Miners.

Often occasions, you’ll run out of time with Miners and that is the purpose the place this technique is available in. The Hog Riders won’t clear each single construction and transfer lots quicker than Miners – this implies you need to use the Hog Riders to take the defenses down and ship in some efficient cleanup troops behind them and when the defenses are down, the Hogs will be part of them cleansing.

This is lots quicker and can get rid of the issue of working towards the clock.

In common, I like to recommend you to make use of the Queen Charge Miner technique for trophy pushing & farming, as a result of it’s lots cheaper as you don’t want any Dark Elixir for it.

blank - Queen Charge Hog Rider – 3 Star Strategy

If you’re searching for a pleasant TH10&TH11 Farming or Trophy Pushing technique, you possibly can test it out right here:

If you’re about to go to Clan War and wish a technique that is ready to get you the 3 stars, you actually need to desire the Queen Charge Hog Rider technique as a substitute 🙂

The Basic Strategy

The foundation of this technique works fairly easy – you ship in your Archer Queen (Level 35+) with 5 Healer, your Grand Warden (in the event you’re TH11) and several other Wall Breakers and make her clear like one quarter of the bottom you’re attacking.

When that’s executed, you’ll ship within the Hog Rider from the facet subsequent to the cleaned space and maintain them alive whereas your cleanup troops will care for the trash constructing.

What’s Queen Charge?

Ok I do know a few of you won’t know each single time period on the market. A Queen Charge is once you use Wall Breaker to get your Queen deep right into a compartment or the core of the bottom, whereas a Queen Walk is utilizing the Queen to scrub the perimeter of the bottom for higher funneling.

Queen Charge Hog Rider Step-by-Step

Now I’ll present you the way you employ this technique.

Forst of all, let’s check out the military composition you have to:

  • 5 Healer
  • eight Wall Breaker
  • 2-3 Wizards (for funneling)
  • 2 Baby Dragons
  • Fill up with Hog Rider (relying on area will probably be round 22-25 of them)
  • Bowlers or Hog Rider in your Clan Castle
  • 3 Heal Spells
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell in your Clan Castle

The 5 Healer are essential as Seeking Air Mines can at all times take down one Healer and making your Queen survive is without doubt one of the key factors and you do not need to danger to fail simply because there’s one Seeking Air Mine in an unlucky place.

Step 1) Entry Point Selection

You usually face two completely different sorts of bases, one is with a centralized Town Hall and the opposite one with the semi-exposed Town Hall.

In the case of a centralized Town Hall, you have to to construct your assault in a approach to get the Eagle Artillery out of motion quickly.

In the case of a semi-exposed Town Hall, you’ll want to attempt to get the Town Hall along with your Queen Charge after which ship in your Hogs for the Eagle Artillery.

blank - Queen Charge Hog Rider – 3 Star Strategy

I don’t need to make that of a generalization right here, however generally you possibly can apply this plan. However, it’s best to pay shut consideration to your Queen, particularly when there may be (or could possibly be) a Hidden Tesla farm or many X-Bows across the Town Hall.

Step 2) Queen Charge

Get your Healers and Archer Queen (plus at TH11 your Grand Warden) prepared and begin your Queen Charge. You will in all probability need to drop the two Rage Spells and use the Queens capacity and the Grand Wardens’ capacity to maintain your Queen alive so long as potential.

blank - Queen Charge Hog Rider – 3 Star Strategy

Simply regulate her well being after which use your Wall Breaker to get her into the bottom.

Again, it’s a Queen Charge so you don’t need her to stroll across the base!

Step 3) Hog Riders & Cleaning

When you have got created that “L” form together with her, it’s about time to get the opposite troops of your military in. Drop your Clan Castle, your Barbarian King and your Hog Riders and intently watch their pathing to help them with the Healing Spells you bought.

blank - Queen Charge Hog Rider – 3 Star Strategy

You can get some recommendations on utilizing the Healing Spell right here:

blank - Queen Charge Hog Rider – 3 Star Strategy

You also can watch a number of replays of assaults right here to get a greater concept learn how to use this technique intimately:

That’s it, now you can watch your military taking down the enemy base 🙂


Please share your ideas within the feedback beneath 🙂

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