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Queen Charge Mass Miner – Farming & Trophy Pushing Strategy

Queen Charge Mass Miner – Farming & Trophy Pushing Strategy

I do know that Queen Charge into mass Miner will not be the most recent factor after it was invented like one 12 months in the past, however with the present state of the Inferno Tower, this technique makes a giant comeback as an excellent Trophy Pushing Strategy and in addition nice for farming Dark Elixir because it doesn’t value any Dark Elixir.

In truth, this technique is working nearly too properly on TH10 and in addition maxed TH11 bases, so I made a decision to refactor this information from the bottom to point out you the way to use it in 2018 for tons of Dark Elixir.

blank - Queen Charge Mass Miner – Farming & Trophy Pushing Strategy

This assault right here was in opposition to a base with just about maxed defenses, together with Eagle Artillery and income me 7k Dark Elixir – and you’ll do a lot of such assaults with this technique 🙂

How Queen Charge Mass Miner Works

The technique will use the Queen Charge to get deep into the bottom and clear off one nook to construct a funnel for the Miners. You will help your Queen with a number of Rage Spells and Wall Breaker and if performed proper and with a bit of luck, your Queen will keep alive the entire raid.

Once her job is finished, you’ll deploy your Miners and they’ll handle the remainder of the bottom.

Sounds too straightforward? Well, it’s really and the one purpose it hasn’t been that potential anymore had been some nerfs to Miner. With the heal-blocking eliminated on Inferno Towers, the Miner have been on a comeback tour and despite the fact that different defenses and the Bomb Tower makes them nonetheless rather less highly effective than they was once of their high-time finish of 2016, I predict they’ll turn into a viable a part of attacking methods in 2018 once more.

With this technique, it is possible for you to to get strong high-percentage 2-Star assaults and even Three-Star assaults – even in opposition to maxed out Town Hall 11’s!

The solely draw back for a few of you is that you will want your Archer Queen at a good stage – I don’t say you want her at max stage, however I believe Level 38+ is necessary to make this work good.

What’s Queen Charge?

Ok I do know a few of you may not know each single time period on the market. A Queen Charge is if you use Wall Breaker to get your Queen deep right into a compartment or the core of the bottom, whereas a Queen Walk is utilizing the Queen to wash the perimeter of the bottom for higher funneling.

Queen Walk Step-by-Step

Now I’ll present you the way you utilize this technique.
Forst of all, let’s check out the military composition you’ll need:

  • 5 Healer
  • eight Wall Breaker
  • 2-Three Wizards (for funneling)
  • Fill up with Miners (relying on area it is going to be round 25 of them)
  • Bowlers in your Clan Castle
  • Three Heal Spells
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell in your Clan Castle

The 5 Healer are essential as Seeking Air Mines can all the time take down one Healer and making your Queen survive is among the key factors and you do not need to threat to fail simply because there’s one Seeking Air Mine in an unlucky place.

Step 1) Entry Point Selection

You’ll want to pick some extent the place you begin off your Queen Charge and you need to choose that entry level very correctly as a result of this may decide the success of your entire assault.

If you utilize this technique for Trophy Pushing, you need to clear off the aspect subsequent to the Eagle Artillery, so your Miners undergo the Eagle Artillery into the core.

If you utilize it for Dark Elixir Farming, it’s essential to do the identical for the Dark Elixir Storage and might put the Eagle Artillery on the second precedence. It’s good to get each but when that’s not potential give attention to the Dark Elixir Storage:

blank - Queen Charge Mass Miner – Farming & Trophy Pushing Strategy

So for Farming you’ll make your Queen Charge go after the Dark Elixir Storage (high proper) and ship in your Miners after that from the northern aspect. For Trophy Pusing you ship your Queen Charge to wash the higher a part of the core and ship your Miners in from the left.

Now you’re set, let’s go and execute the assault 🙂

Step 2) Queen Charge

Get your Healers and Archer Queen (plus at TH11 your Grand Warden) prepared and begin your Queen Charge. You will in all probability should drop the two Rage Spells and use the Queens capability and the Grand Wardens’ capability to maintain your Queen alive.

blank - Queen Charge Mass Miner – Farming & Trophy Pushing Strategy

Simply regulate her well being after which use your Wall Breaker to get her into the bottom.

Again, it’s a Queen Charge so you don’t need her to stroll across the base – you want her on the within later additionally to move the Healers to the Miners in case she dies!

Step Three) Miners In

When you’ve created that “L” form together with her, it’s about time to get the opposite troops of your military in. Drop your Clan Castle, your Barbarian King and your Miners and intently watch their pathing to help them with the Healing Spells you bought

You can get some tips on utilizing the Healing Spell right here:

That’s it.

I additionally need you to advocate you right here this video from Powerbang that reveals a number of replays of him doing Queen Charge Miner assaults with nice outcomes (click on right here when you possibly can’t see the video):

I personally have additionally tried a number of assaults with this technique these days and the outcomes are actually good, particularly if you’re about farming all of the Dark Elixir wanted to improve your Heroes, this technique must be your first alternative.

Please share your ideas within the feedback under 🙂

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