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Terms and Conditions

As a professional and active gaming provider for the users, we at Ocean games have a huge responsibility to deliver quality services for the people to enjoy. This is why we have detailed and comprehensive terms and conditions policy designed for the users as well. It is mandatory that every online player that wishes to engage in our online games on the site or download any HD games to their system should accept and agree to all terms and conditions.

Mandatory to agree to all terms

Once you choose to enjoy a supreme gaming experience with Ocean games, you have no other choice but to agree to all terms as well. If you play games on the website or download them to your system – you are automatically agreeing to all terms. You become liable for all your actions on the website.

Quick look at terms & conditions

Let’s take a quick look at the main facets of the policy that has been designed to facilitate a healthy relationship between the gaming providers and the users.

  1. Location access

The website takes the liberty to take access to your location and system IP address as soon as you log into the website. By enjoying games on the site, you are automatically providing your location access to the officials.

  1. Responsible for actions & words

The website welcomes comments and reviews from the users. You can post on the site but you are liable for all your online words you post and actions as a player on the games.

  1. Payment details

All games that are available on this website are free of cost to enjoy. Whether you choose to play them online or download it to your system, you will not be asked to make any payment to the website. Hence, you will not need to provide any payment details to the site.

  1. Changes and modification on site

The website has full authority to make any changes or modifications to any part of the website without prior notification to any subscribed user. Any part of the website can also be removed without informing the users beforehand about it.

  1. Copyright

All parts and sections of the website are the sole property of the Ocean of games. Hence, any part of it cannot be copied, reciprocated or imitated without prior permission of the officials.