There Are Now Over 130 Xbox One X Enhanced Games

There Are Now Over 130 Xbox One X Enhanced Gamespeople buy xbox because we have the biggest exclusives says microsofts aaron greenberg - There Are Now Over 130 Xbox One X Enhanced Games

The Xbox One X, Microsoft’s supercharged Xbox One console, due for launch later this yr, can be nothing if builders weren’t tapping into its extra energy and resources- which makes it heartening that the third occasion improvement neighborhood has embraced the system to the extent that it has.

What is that extent? Apparently, at this level, there are over 130 Xbox One X enhanced games- and we’re nonetheless a month and a half out from the system’s launch. This is the type of improvement help and enthusiasm that Sony’s PS4 Pro was by no means in a position to muster- and it ought to be sure that a number of the largest names look higher on Xbox than on PlayStation, a sticking level for advertising and marketing that Microsoft is clearly desirous to leverage and make the most of.

The Xbox One X is because of launch on November 7. Among the most recent video games added to the listing of titles supporting the brand new system, in response to Windows Central, are Far Cry 5, Greedfall, and Okami HD.

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