Top 15 Villains of Grand Theft Auto Series

Top 15 Villains of Grand Theft Auto SeriesWe’ve checked out villains all through quite a few video games but it surely’s attention-grabbing to examine the villains from the Grand Theft Auto franchise. That’s as a result of just about everybody commits against the law, kills somebody or is out for blood. However, even in Grand Theft Auto, there are criminals that you just simply can’t assist however hate. Let’s check out the 15 biggest villains in your complete Grand Theft Auto collection.

Steve Haines – GTA 5

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The epitome of corruption and douchebaggery, Steve Haines is maybe the bottom of lowlife brokers within the FIB. He manipulates Michael to battle the IAA, takes pleasure in torturing somebody simply to get info and even tries to kill Michael to get rid of free ends. If ever any character embodied the phrase of “a punchable face”, then Haines is certainly it.

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