Ultimate Loot Farming Strategies

Ultimate Loot Farming Strategies

Talking about farming methods might sound odd as of late, however I nonetheless come accross many individuals who use unsuitable compositions to farm sources or just use the unsuitable farming methodology and make not that a lot revenue as they probably may.

I do know there are tons of movies and guides on the market that promise “millions of loot in a few minutes” and showcase some raids that don’t actually characterize actuality, so I do know from many emails that I get that a lot of you on the market nonetheless have issues with farming and infrequently there are only some changes wanted – I can promise you, it’s simply potential to have all of your Builders & Laboratory always upgrading with no loot issues and only some assaults day-after-day wanted.

Farming Correctly in Clash of Clans

I do know there are a number of completely different approaches, however in my view there are some issues which can be viable for farming and getting the utmost out of it in 2018 and I wish to share them with you first earlier than looking on the completely different farming setups.

(1) Focus! Your military prices sources and there you may already make the primary huge mistake. If you want Dark Elixir, you may’t use a military that prices 2k Dark Elixir as it will soften down your Dark Elixir revenue by as much as 50% – and which means you will have to farm double the time for a similar quantity.

Also, it’s not potential to farm Elixir & Dark Elixir on the similar time – somewhat deal with the one you will have in your subsequent improve and you’ll progress loads sooner. You will discover extra about that right here:

Gold is one thing you’ll acquire sufficient alongside the way in which, so solely determine if you will have ELixir or Dark Elixir subsequent. There isn’t any use in farming Dark Elixir & Elixir on the similar time, as a result of with each assault, you’ll lose extra from each of it.

That’s why I’ve a number of methods right here and you may select whether or not you’ll want Dark Elixir or Elixir 🙂

(2) League Bonus. I do know the technique to drop trophies to see extra lifeless bases remains to be robust, however I personally don’t prefer it that a lot. The purpose is that the League Bonus can pay for many of your military prices and that provides me a a lot larger revenue once I farm in an space that applies to my base power.

If you’re TH10+ and farm at Crystal League, you would make 400ok sources & 2k Dark Elixir per assault in a excessive League simply, so do the mathematics your self how a lot that’s day-after-day 🙂

Anyway, the bases that can present up are all the time primarily matched in your Town Hall Level, so the opponent you’ll see should not that a lot stronger & you may count on each assault that hits your base will deal with getting your sources whereas in larger leagues they may extra deal with getting your Town Hall.

I’m not saying TH9 ought to now push to Titan League, however I believe you get my level.
(Three) Beating Bases. I hate sniping bases and actively skipping tons of bases till discovering a base that gives simple loot, that’s why I solely used methods right here that you should utilize when one in all your Heroes is upgrading and remains to be in a position to get you not less than 1 Star for the League Bonus.

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Now it’s time to take a more in-depth have a look at the completely different methods to make use of.

Also, in case you are on the lookout for up-to-date Farming Base setups, please take a look at right here:

Best Farming Strategies 2018

As talked about to start with, I’ve chosen a number of completely different methods to make use of – after all, there are additionally completely different ones however I needed this information right here to be a fantastic overview for you the place you may come again and see what technique will work finest for you.

I additionally replace this information right here with each Clash of Clans Update to maintain it updated 🙂

The methods I’ve been choosing are these ones right here (colours present you which of them are for Dark Elixir and which of them are for Elixir farming):

  • GiBARCH & GiWiz (TH7 – TH9)
  • BabyLoon (TH9 – TH11)
  • Queen Charge Miner (TH10 – TH11)
  • Goblin Knife (TH8 – TH11)*
  • LaLoonian (TH9 – TH11)

*can be utilized to farm each, Elixir & Dark Elixir

Again, I’m conscious there are such a lot of completely different variations of those methods however I’ve been choosing probably the most helpful & in style ones which can be in a position to make you a great revenue in loot.

GiBARCH & GiWiz (TH7 – TH9) Farming Strategy

The evolution of THE farming technique that dominated Clash of Clans within the first years.

The Giants are used to tank some harm to provide the Barbarians and Archers sufficient time to take down Storages and share.

You will principally use your troops on one aspect to construct the funnel after which level all of your troops into the core of the bottom.

Your troop setup:

  • 10 Giants (TH7), 14-16 Giants (TH8 & TH9)
  • Fill up with
    • GiBARCH: Barbarians & Archers (50% every)
    • GiWiz: Fill with Wizards
  • 1 Jump Spell
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 1 Healing Spell
  • 1 Poison Spell

So I’ll stroll you thru the assault now, you can see a really extra detailed GiBARCH Guide beneath.

Scouting is a very powerful a part of this technique. You have to discover a base you should utilize it on successfully and shortly plan your assault.

You might want to look out for a base that:

  • Offers sufficient sources
  • A structure which can be compact so funneling works good.

Your major purpose is getting as many Storages as potential plus the Town Hall, if potential. So you will have to seek out an entry level in your assault – you solely have one aspect the place you can begin the assault as a result of you will have all of your forces there!

ultimate loot farming strategies - Ultimate Loot Farming Strategies

You will merely ship in your Giants together with some Archers and Barbarians (or Wizards in case of GiWiz) till every thing on this aspect is clear.

Once the primary layer of wall is open, you may ship in all the remaining troops besides of like 10 Archers (or a number of Wizards), they may show you how to cleansing some share on the finish.

Now it’s time to make use of your rage Spells and Heal Spells to maintain your troops alive.

1516283635 631 ultimate loot farming strategies - Ultimate Loot Farming Strategies

Also, deploy your Heroes alongside together with your troops.

If you’re fascinated with studying extra in regards to the GiBarch Strategy, it is best to take a look at my information right here:

BabyLoon (TH9 – TH11) Farming Strategy

BabyLoon can crack additionally well-upgraded bases and is nice for farming Dark Elixir as you all the time have a pleasant shot on the Dark Elixir Storage.

This farming technique works fairly simple by Zap-Quaking one Air Defense, sending in a Lava Hound out of your Clan Castle after which the Balloons & Baby Dragons.

I like to recommend this technique for these of you who don’t just like the “on point” deployment of mass troops (like GiBarch or Goblin Knife) and somewhat doing “full” assaults.

Your troop setup:

  • 10 Balloons
  • Fill with Baby Dragons
  • 2 Lightning Spells & 1 Earthquake Spell
  • 2-Three Rage Spells
  • 1 Lava Hound within the Clan Castle

You also can use Haste Spells, however that can decrease your revenue in Dark Elixir.

So I’ll stroll you thru the assault now, you can see a really extra detailed BabyLoon Guide beneath.

When attacking, you’ll all the time assault into the Dark Elixir Storage:

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Zap Quake the Air Defense that’s second-close to the Dark Elixir Storage from the purpose you’ll deploy your Lava Hound after which ship in the remainder of your troops with a “chinese wall deployment” – Baby Dragons first, Balloons second.

The Baby Dragons will first tank for the Balloons and they’re going to take out the defenses to the Dark Elixir Storage.

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At this level, you solely want to make use of your spells to get your troops deeper into the bottom.

If you’re fascinated with studying extra in regards to the BabyLoon Strategy, it is best to take a look at my information right here:

Queen Charge Miner (TH10 – TH11) Farming Strategy

This is by far the strongest farming technique proper now and I exploit it for a number of weeks myself in Legend League with nice success (have misplaced 2 out of 130 assaults) & farmed hundreds of thousands with it & even scored a number of Three-Star assaults (would have been extra when not working out of time).

The solely draw back to this technique is, you will have your Archer Queen for it – in case your Queen is upgrading you may’t use this technique at that degree of effectivity and in my view it is best to use BabyLoon as an alternative in that case.

The technique will use the Queen Charge to get deep into the bottom and clear off one nook to construct a funnel for the Miners. You will assist your Queen with a number of Rage Spells and Wall Breaker and if performed proper and with a bit luck, your Queen will keep alive the entire raid.

Once her process is finished, you’ll deploy your Miners and they’re going to deal with the remainder of the bottom.

Your troop setup:

  • 5 Healer
  • Eight Wall Breaker
  • 2-Three Wizards (for funneling)
  • Fill up with Miners (relying on house it will likely be round 25 of them)
  • Bowlers or Balloons in your Clan Castle
  • Three Heal Spells
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell in your Clan Castle

So I’ll stroll you thru the assault now, you can see a really extra detailed Queen Charge Miner Guide beneath.

Get your Healers and Archer Queen (plus at TH11 your Grand Warden) prepared and begin your Queen Charge.

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When you will have created that “L” form together with her, it’s about time to get the opposite troops of your military in. Drop your Clan Castle, your Barbarian King and your Miners and intently watch their pathing to assist them with the Healing Spells you bought

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At this level, you solely want to make use of your spells to maintain your troops alive.

If you’re fascinated with studying extra in regards to the Queen Charge Miner Strategy, it is best to take a look at my information right here:

Goblin Knife (TH7 – TH11) Farming Strategy

Goblin Knife is a viable farming technique for each as a result of it’s fairly low cost in comparison with different farming methods and as Goblins goal the Town Hall as effectively helpful in any respect Town Hall Level – sure you may, with some expertise & talent – nonetheless rating a 1-Star or 2-Star with it towards TH11 bases.

This farming technique makes use of Giants and Wallbreakers to open up the bottom after which some Archers to make the funnel.

When that is set, the Goblins shall be deployed, multiple-finger-style, and run for the Storages and the Town Hall within the core. To obtain this, you should utilize both Earthquake Spells or a Jump Spell.

1516283636 277 ultimate loot farming strategies - Ultimate Loot Farming Strategies

Here’s your military setup:

  • Eight Giants (TH8 & decrease) / 12 Giants (TH9) / 14 Giants (TH10) / 16-18 Giants (TH11)
  • Golem within the Clan Castle is extraordinarily useful
  • 6-Eight Wallbreakers
  • 20-30 Archers
  • Fill with Goblins (ought to be round 100-160 Goblins, relying in your TH)
  • 1 Jump Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell
  • 1 Healing Spell

So I’ll stroll you thru the assault now, you can see a really extra detailed GoblinKnife Guide beneath.

So all you must do is to be sure that they received’t be working round following the Mines & Collectors.

1516283636 838 ultimate loot farming strategies - Ultimate Loot Farming Strategies

You must stop your Goblins from following the surface route. This is why it’s essential to construct a funnel first.

Deploy your Rage Spell and ship in your Goblins as quick as you may (use as many fingers as you may):

1516283637 405 ultimate loot farming strategies - Ultimate Loot Farming Strategies

They shall be so quick within the core and take down every thing that you just received’t even be capable of observe it.

LaLoonian (TH9 – TH11) Farming Strategy

This technique works effectively for TH9+, however I really solely advocate it for these of you who want a whole lot of Elixir like TH11 when it’s essential to improve your Grand Warden & Army Camps. For this technique you ought to be in Champions II+ League as a result of you will have the League Bonus to make up for the military prices, in any other case your revenue shall be too small to name this a farming technique.

This technique works much like the classical pushing LaLoonian technique, however solely deal with getting you 1-Star and as many Storages as potential.

Your setup ought to be round 220k-260ok Elixir, so the League Bonus will cowl your military prices plus a plittle revenue and the loot you get out of your assault is your internet revenue.

Your troop setup:

  • 2 Lava Hounds (+1 in your CC)
  • 20 Balloons
  • 50 Minions
  • 1 Heal Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell
  • four Haste Spells
  • 1 Poison Spell

The assault itself is fairly easy, you’ll begin your assault with a suicide assault of your King & Queen when you will get one Air Defense with it or the defending Queen, in any other case use them for cleansing up.

Then it will get simple, Hounds, Loons & Minion in together with your Grand Warden & use the spells.

blank - Ultimate Loot Farming Strategies

From right here you solely want to observe the assault go down and drop your spells properly.

If there was no choice to do a suicide assault together with your King & Queen on the defending Queen or one Air Defense, that is the time the place you ship your royals in for a cleansing up & perhaps get a shot on the Town Hall.


I hope these methods will show you how to to get the utmost sources out of your assaults and I also can advocate you this information right here that can show you how to discover out the place to seek out the loot within the base you’re attacking

Please share your ideas within the feedback beneath 🙂

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