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Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship, Minion & Night Witch

Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship, Minion & Night Witch

The Drop Ship is the brand new troop you’ll unlock at Builder Hall 7 and when it was launched, there was, not like the discharge of the Night Witch, not that a lot concern concerning the troop being too robust. Now we’re sitting right here a pair months later and the Drop Ship has not been getting that a lot love to date, however I’ve been engaged on this technique information for some time and located this attacking technique very useful in opposition to maxed out BH7 bases which have all their strongest defenses (Roaster, Giant Cannon, Air Bombs) extraordinarily exhausting to achieve and this technique helps me getting excessive share 2-Star assaults in opposition to bases that different methods will fail in opposition to.

Dropships in Versus Battles

First it was exhausting to seek out the true place within the military for the drop ship – it’s a air tank that may drop skeletons on defenses however not dealing injury itself.

So with a purpose to discover a military composition for it, you will have to seek out the proper troops that may profit from it and on this case it’s Night Witches & Minions. They already make an personal technique, however in opposition to stable Builder Hall 7 bases they’re at a sure restrict as a result of the Giant Cannon takes down your Battle Machine very quickly, the Multi Mortar taking in your Night Witches then and the Air Bombs & Roaster will make your Minions’ job exhausting.

That’s the place the Drop Ship is available in completely with utilizing the Skeletons to distract the Multi Mortar or the Giant Cannon & the Drop Ship defending your Minions and Bats for fairly a while – principally, the Drop Ship makes your troops survive longer till they’re in such a large load that they develop into unstoppable.

Who Should Use This Strategy?

Upgrading the Drop Ship is a ache, as a result of already the primary degree price greater than 1M Elixir and take 1 day or much less. This means you’ll be able to’t hold the Laboratory working straight upgrading them.

Using the technique additionally requires Drop Ships Level 10+, so I solely suggest these of you who’ve progressed in BH7 to work on this technique.

If you may have your Barbarians, Bomber, Night Witches & Minions maxed out and likewise obtained a Battle Machine with Level 15+, you can begin specializing in upgrading Drop Ships 🙂

If not, I like to recommend you to both use Barbs/Bomber or Night Witch/Minion assaults, you will discover a full information right here:

Hint! If you may have a Power Potion from a current Clan Game, you can even use this to check out this technique because it additionally maxes your Builder Base troops for 1 hour!

The Future of Drop Ships

When taking a sneak peek to Builder Hall eight that may get launched within the not-so-distant future, I’m positive the Drop Ship will get much more viable to make use of. At BH8, we are going to see the Mega Tesla, a Tesla that may deal large injury and the brand new troop, the Super Pekka.

With the distracting troops that may spawn, the Skeletons from the Drop Ship, it’s going to get doable to make use of this new troops in opposition to this large new protection that may crush subsequent to the Giant Cannon but additionally with very low assault pace!

Here are the stats from the present developer model and have a look at that large injury output!

blank - Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship, Minion & Night Witch

So, investing now into the Drop Ship might be one thing that may assist you numerous when Builder Hall eight will get launched within the subsequent weeks.

How to win with Drop Ships

Your military composition is as follows:

  • 2 Army Camps Night Witches
  • 2 Army Camps Minions
  • 1 Army Camp Drop Ships

If you may have achieved a number of Night Witch assaults to date, you know the way important the entry level & timing is and that this makes the distinction between zero Stars & 2 Stars.

Using the Drop Whip will take away quite a lot of this timing strain as you’ll ship in all of your troops on the similar time and the Drop Ships get rid of this a part of your scouting course of!

blank - Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship, Minion & Night Witch

Here you see how the association appears to be like like.

You will deploy your Night Witches in a line and allow them to ship of their bats. Then you place the Battle Machine earlier than them to hit by way of the wall and agro the Multi Mortar.

Now you deploy your 2 Drop Ships as tanks close to the partitions and deploy a line of Minions proper after them.

You can go away 1-2 Minions in your pocket in case there are some leftover buildings you’ll be able to clear, however at that time all you could do is watch the assault and hit the Battle Machines’ capability button as usually as doable 🙂

blank - Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship, Minion & Night Witch

When utilizing this technique, you at all times wish to assault from a aspect of the bottom the place your Night Witches will stroll throughout the entire map, that may get many bats into the combat earlier than they may attain the bottom and enter the world the place they’ll undergo any injury.

blank - Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship, Minion & Night Witch

If the bottom you’re attacking is within the nook, don’t assault from the corners as it will make your assaults fail!


In my opinion, the Drop Ship has been stepping out of its not-so-well picture it had when being launched together with BH7 recently and utilizing it’s not a playing 50:50.

You can use it very secure at Builder Hall 7, the place you see many different attacking compositions fail and the explanation for that’s that firstly of BH7, not many had their defenses well-upgraded and now that many have achieved this, the standard compositions (Barbs & Bomber or Night Witches & Minions) are solely capable of get shut 2-Star assaults the place the Drop Ships are capable of get rather a lot higher outcomes.

Please share your ideas within the feedback under 🙂

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