Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship & Minions

Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship & Minions

Drop Ship together with Minions are one of the highly effective attacking methods proper now, particularly for Builder Hall Eight but in addition robust at Builder Hall 7.

With the buff of Drop Ships together with the discharge of BH8 and the extra Army Camp at BH8, they merely can’t fail and I get continually 60% 2-Star assaults and higher with it.

In this information, I’ll present you the way it works and learn how to carry out these assaults.

Dropship & Minions Strategy

While the Baby Dragon was the air tank at BH6 and decrease, it will get changed by the Drop Ship at BH7+ for a number of causes:

  • Drop Ships have extra hitpoints
  • Drop Ships don’t have to be alone within the air to make use of their particular means
  • They spawn floor items that distract defenses as effectively

So, the final concept of this attacking technique is solely utilizing Drop Ships as tanks to the trail of the Builder Hall and place Minions behind them.

This will usually get you the Builder Hall plus round 50% and then you definitely ship in your Battle Machine to get extra proportion.

In case you may’t attain the 2-Star along with your Drop Ships & Minions, possibly since you didn’t get the Builder Hall or sufficient proportion, the Battle Machine nonetheless saved the day in your assault.

Also, most often the Giant Cannon is subsequent to the Builder Hall and you may get it down along with your air troops so your Battle Machine is ready to you a pleasant slive of the bottom with out getting destroyed by the Giant Cannon quick.

The key components of the assault just isn’t spamming – spamming will get you in bother. But with some easy-to-apply guidelines you’re set to go to not fail any assault:

  • Choose the suitable facet to assault
  • Build your funnel
  • Minions deployment type

These three issues are one thing I need to present you now.

Who ought to use this technique?

In my opinion, everybody at Builder Hall Eight (or Builder Hall 7) that has upgraded the Drop Ships and Minions to a minimum of Level 14.
You may strive it out when you will have some Power Potions accessible to get a sense for it 🙂

There aren’t any sure bases that may defend towards this, particularly at Builder Hall Eight and I’ve by no means failed an assault with no stars to date utilizing it.

How to win with Drop Ships & Minions

Your military composition is 50/50:

  • Three Army Camps of Drop Ships (2 if you happen to’re BH7)
  • Three Army Camps of Beta Minions

Now I’ll present you learn how to execute the assault correctly.

Base Scouting & Attack Point Selection

There are 2 issues you’ll do earlier than you begin your assault and that’s deciding on the facet you need to assault from and recognizing defenseless exterior trash buildings for further proportion.

Attack the bottom is definitely a simple selection most often that ought to meet these parameters:

  1. Fast path to the Builder Hall
  2. Flat facet/not nook
  3. Not instantly into the Air Bombs (they need to be on the other facet of the Builder Hall)

Here are some examples for you the place you may see what I imply:

blank - Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship & Minions

Now it is best to have sufficient time left so scout nook trahs buildings or Army Camps which you can snipe with 1 Minion.

These are easy-to-get further proportion, however the quantity of sniped buildings depend upon how costly it will likely be to construct your funnel (see under)

Building the funnel

Now right here’s the essential half that may make or break your assault.

You want a flat facet with Four-5 buildings that your Drops Ships will goal first after which secondly lead them instantly in course of the Builder Hall.

If there are buildings in entrance or on the facet, the danger of your Drop ships not going for the core and leaving your Minions alone (making your assault fail are too excessive)

I’ve right here a number of examples of bases the place I marked you the buildings that must get eradicated earlier than sending the Drop Ships.

blank - Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship & Minions

blank - Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship & Minions

I additionally suggest checking for Hidden Teslas at apparent positions as a Hidden Tesla far in entrance of the opposite buildings can group up all of your Drop Ships without delay and make them a simple goal for splash harm of the Roaster or Air Bombs.

blank - Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship & Minions

You can use as much as 7 Minions prematurely of the assault, however I like to recommend you to restrict it down to five.

All the Minions you don’t want in your funnel are excellent alternatives to snipe military camps on the opposite facet of the bottom.

Execute the assault

Now right here’s the enjoyable half – destroying the bottom 🙂

You will ship your Drop Ships both in an ideal line (when there are Four-5 buildings in your funnel) or in two traces (if in case you have Three buildings):

blank - Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship & Minions

Right after them you’ll drop your Minions ONE BY ONE (Not the finger-drop line deployment!).

The motive is that you just don’t need to overspend their long-range means – think about you will have 10 Minions focusing on an Army Camp and all of them spend 1 long-range shot -> that’s an overkill and can make them come nearer to the Drop Ships and get splash harm from Bombs & Roaster fireplace.

So, you’ll use like Eight-10 Minions and deploy them fastidiously. Use 1-2 Minions for low-hitpoint buildings like Army Camps, Mines, and so on and Three-Four Minions for Storages, Lab and so on.

blank - Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship & Minions

Your aim is to get the primary line of buildings down at just about the identical time so your Balloons don’t group collectively an excessive amount of.

Once the primary line is down, you can begin sending in Minion after Minion and attempt to make them goal the defenses in entrance of the Builder Hall.

blank - Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship & Minions

You’ll get the sensation for it very quick learn how to deploy them relying how the Guard Post troops distract, what defenses are nonetheless there and so on.

IMPORTANT! I at all times save up Three-5 Minions and watch the assault – as quickly as the trail to the Builder Hall is free, I’ll drop them to ensure to get the Builder Hall down.

This will allow you to to not need to ship your Battle Machine for the Builder Hall.

When all of your Drop Ships and Minions are down, it is best to see half the bottom being destroyed and all you now must do is clearing with the Battle Machine.

You ought to have like 1:30 minutes left so no must rush it.

Select a spot the place you may get as many buildings as doable.

blank - Win Versus Battles Attacking Strategy – Drop Ship & Minions


This attacking technique just isn’t spamming, it’s like Barbarians within the air with good timing. If you merely spam down your troops you will notice lots of high-percentage 1-Star outcomes. You can ALWAYS get a 2-Star with this technique if you use the ideas above and never simply spam down your troops 🙂

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